Meat Grinder -- Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar -- Nanuet, NY (The Shops at Nanuet)

Company Name:
The mission of the Meat Grinder is to select and provide high quality meat/poultry products for our kitchen. The Meat Grinder's core responsibility once the meat and poultry is purchased is to efficiently and accurately butcher these products into the cuts that the chef desires for his menu and to assure proper storage. He/She is responsible for the safe operation of all meat cutting equipment; is able to cut, grind and store all meat products; and is knowledgeable of all standards of safe handling of Food products. The Meat Grinder is responsible for performing these duties as directed by the Chef.
The following is a representative list of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position:
-- Competent knowledge of all aspects of the Meat Grinder job
-- Assures that all products ordered are stocked and rotated for use
-- Maintain cleanliness of the meat cutting equipment, knives and the prep area according to the Department of Health standards
-- Responsible for the proper cutting of all meat products
-- Properly grinds and stores meat products
-- Responsible for maintaining proper presentation and display of meat products
-- Unload and checks meat from delivery truck and properly stores in refrigerator
-- Responsible for checking and maintaining proper refrigeration temperatures on a daily basis
-- Cooperate with chef to provide meat and poultry products that are high quality and make best use of the products at hand

Don't Be Fooled

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